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Self Driven Cars Terms & Conditions

Small list of terms & conditions to ensure your safety and keep our priority. we would love to serve you ever.

  • Strictly don’t drunk & drive the car if anything happen customer is responsible for all kind of legal activities.


  • If car cheesed by police, customer have to replace the car worth upto 6 lakhs.


  • Don’t do any illegal activities inside the car and with the car


  • Customer have to taken responsibilities for any accidents or any kind of car damages.


  • Don’t use the car for train driving to


  • Don’t use the car for commercial purpose like rental


  • Customer is responsible for any kind of police issue which mistakenly done by customer side except car document


  • Customer have to pay car rent upto taking car back from any mechanic or tinger or painter shop if anything happen to car.


  • Strictly Don’t Smoke and Drink Liquor inside the


  • Limit: 300km per day


  • Extra 08/- per km